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October 3, 2007
By Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
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It’s an unsettled period in your life,
When you’re not privileged to decide everything for yourself,
But teased with the notion of responsibility when the rules are uncertain.
When right and wrong is shaded gray,
And there’s not always someone to show you where to go,
But always someone to give they’re harsh opinion.

Where you’re told sweet stories that one day you’ll grow up,
Go your separate ways,
And leave this place.
But then everyone around you seems focused on finding where they belong in the temporary.
Who they’re best friends will be,
What they’re morals will become,
What life they’re destined to live.

That’s a lie that we you’ve been left alone to understand-
Your heroes will show their human faults,
Your morals will be challenged beyond your own comprehension,
And the life in your future now seems only foggy and unstable.
One moment you feel satisfied with life’s course,
Holding onto it for everything in you,
Then too late you realized the rope was too slim
And your grip too slippery and tiresome.
It fell from your fingers, blistering your palms at the tear
And shocking your body at the drop.

The trick is to hold yourself steady,
And to do that, often you must let go-
Gently, though the release is strange.
Your muscles will feel the loss and mourn the change,
But remember-
The trick is to remain steady.

So at this point in your life-
Between childhood ease and adult decisions-
You will find yourself.
Your support may break, and your pretty coverings will drop
‘Till you are left bare and alone.
It is in this trying moment you must decide for your own-
Weep over forgotten fantasies and illusions
Whose thin veils once shielded your pale face?
Or find it within yourself to search for what you had not yet considered.

It is an unsettled period of your life,
But the glory that comes after this moment is that from that time on,
When you’re somehow are inducted into the adult club,
All the world watches.

Child, you’re making adult decisions now.

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