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Diary of an ignorant teen :(

April 22, 2010
By adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Dear Diary,

Today on this dark and stormy day i visited my grandfather at the hospital. I never thought it would affect me so much to see him in that hospital bed. We were never that close we didn't even talk a lot every time i visited him. But as i sat down in front of his bed the rain smashing the window, his skin showing every detail of his bone structure. I looked into his "eyes" or shall i say those black holes that lure you into their emptiness. For the first time entering this room I smelled the horrid scent of death. He was dieing and everyone in the room knew it. we prayed to him, i couldn't help but think of all the memories i had of him. All those memories we shared. The tears started coming and almost cried hysterically but i didn't want to cry...not there. I kept things bottled up till now. I couldn't take it anymore all my feelings unbounded as soon as i started writing this. I realized i did love him i just never appreciated the thing he did for me. he always gave me money and brought me cake. he even remembered my birthday which most of my family forgets about. Its terrible that I finally appreciate the small things he did for me now that hes in heaven. Now i know what they meant when they said that we don't appreciate our things till it's gone...

With Love,
The ignorant teenager<3

The author's comments:
I wrote this on the day my granpa died April 18,2010

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