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The things that need answered

April 21, 2010
By Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
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Why are frogs are, and what makes them green?
What colour is your brain and why?
When does the sun set on an oval planet orbiting in a circular pattern?
Where do goats go when they die?
Who is in charge of purgetory?
Why do we call the stuff we make walls out of "sheet rock" when it is not made of sheets or rocks?
Why do cows moo, couldn't they come up with something more creative?
If gravity draws things in to orbit, an all matter has gravity, then how come your pen doesn't orbit you?
Why are barns traditionally red?
Why is purple a royal color?
If your can pick up different chemicals by smell and when you burn chemicals you can see the colors and inturpert the chemical make up, then why cant you smell colors?
Do penguins migrate, if so where?
Why do scienctists use cesium-232 to keep the most accurate time?
Where do you draw the line in composition between iron with carbon impureities and steel?
Do rabits with one leg only go in circles?
If nothing can go faster than the speed of light:
Then how can we see where black holes are?
Why do sciencetists think that there is such thing as absolute zero?
How can you see the edge of the universe?
If you can go faster than light:
Is there like a "sonic boom" for warp speed?
Can you not see anything at warp?
Can anything traveling at Warp be seen, ever?
If you can bend space time, does that mean you bend it in more than one place and time always?
If space time is like fabric, then doesn't that mean bending it will bring more tension?
If you can move planets with a laser, then how come you can't make an anti-gravity device on earth?
What happens to the matter and anti-matter in a reaction of the two?
Can you move backward through time or is it like speed only positive?
Do you actually change time by preciving it like you change the nature of energy just by preceving it?
Can energy be converted in to matter if matter can be converted in to energy?
What happens to the extra neutons in a neuclear reaction onece the reaction is over?
Why do people seem to like littel rat dogs?
What happens if you put a limited slip differential in a bus?
What could you do with 13,000 parachutes?
Why does the goverment owen so many printers?
Who would buy 4,700 llbs of printers?
What happens to all of the silicon boards in left-over electronics when the rest is recycled?
Can trees grow under water?
Can a metal be a non-Nutonian liquid?
What makes something non-Nutonian?
Who invented the spring?
What would happen to us if gravity stopped working?
What would it be like driving down the highway with tires made of bouncy rubber?
How can one answer a question that hasn't been asked without first asking it?
Where do the things go that no one ever finds?
If there is a god then why didn't this god make the world perfact, and if the world is perfact how would we know?
Since nothing is perfact, then how would we know perfaction if we saw it?
If there is such a thing as time then where does it intersect all three vectors of space?
Does time have more then one demension?
If carbon only has four valence electons, then why is it so easily bonded with other elements?
Since you need energy and velocity to equal mass then does that mean if you eliminate the energy you eleminate the mass?
If the universes atomic structure is determined by E=MC^2 then wouldn't that also mean the square root of "E" divieded by "M" equals C?Does the univers in deed exsist, if so how do we know?
Where is the univers, and when is it?
Are there more then one universes, and if so why are we in this one?
If there are other universes, can we manipulate them, if so how?
What could we gain by manipulating annother universe?
Why do scinencetist think that worm holes will move us through time and space at a different rate then usual, why not just space?
Can it be proven that there is such a thing a time in the first place, if so how?
Who decided that we would call that unmeasurable value "time"?
How can we directly measure time with out comparing it to annother length of time?
Can you measure something in space without comparing it to annother length of space?
If matter can become energy, can it also become space, why or why not?
If time does in some way intersect space, where does space end and time begin?What makes something "Nutonian" in the first place?
Why does light bounce off of things in the first place?
If energy can directly effect space through electromagnetic, can it directly effect time likewise and vice-versa?
If time can be warped how come we don't feel it, after all we can feel if space is warped by how matter reacts with it.

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