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October 14, 2010
By crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Father to daughter Heart to Heart
No Matter were we are we are never apart" my dad made that for me when i was little=) its not really true though

Wishing for a person
Throwing a penny
That throws me
Circular and gray
Hard walls surround me

Sky shining but getting farther away

All the way down
Expecting to hit at anytime
The more I know
The longer I fall
Trying to catch myself
But still I fall
As the light dims
I pray for water to break my fall
The damp air
And cold brick walls
Enclose me

Never being able to stop
But suddenly I do
Not to cold ground
Or to wet water
But to warm arms
The only ting I hoped for
The only one I dreamed for
Is the only one I fell for
Always dreaming he is there catching me saving me from

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