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sleeping fairies

November 3, 2010
By crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Father to daughter Heart to Heart
No Matter were we are we are never apart" my dad made that for me when i was little=) its not really true though

Sleeping fairies

Laugh and weep
Play and sing

Taking the dream
Falling asleep
Waking with hallow ease

After waking
They shower and bathe
Eat and drink
Before the day

As they leave there empty tree
The wind bring leaver there way
Flowers bowing in the breeze

Falling back
Pushing through the wind
Being pulled back
Towards the tree

Pink and purple
Yellow and blue
Gray and red
Flowers bend and curve

Not being able to leave
The empty tree
Without a problem
Or with out the help
Of sleeping fairies

The author's comments:
its so random lol its kinda stupid and crazy

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