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November 16, 2010
By Anshika GOLD, Dubai, Other
Anshika GOLD, Dubai, Other
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Snakes shed skin
I learnt it in 2nd grade.
I learnt, remembered & forgot in parts
But most of it has stayed in my heart.

Skin. Boundary to the soul,
Envelop of the flesh
Part of its hearbeat, part of its breath
But a snake has to see its skin’s death.

Look how it slithers away leaving it behind
Ahead it moves without a thought to rewind
The pain of separation or the aches of letting it go,
How craftily it makes it to be a dispensable show.
In its spanking new skin it slithers on
Its more mortal skin forever gone.

But with a heart of a human
And circumstance of a snake,
Shedding the skin becomes hard
But there always remains a part we need to discard.

Nature doesn’t aid us like a snake
And never did it aid us like a bird
But we flew
So someday we will know how to shed the skin too
And restart recharged, fresh and new.

The author's comments:
the other day this random thought about how a snake sheds its skin crossed my mind. when we look at it, it seems to be such an easy task. but even a snake has to undergo the pain of letting it go. and it seems to be pretty good at it. we too should learn to let go off things which we need to as a step toward growing up.

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