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My Prayer to Selene

November 25, 2010
By princessfidget BRONZE, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
princessfidget BRONZE, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
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Oh Mother Moon,
The win lashes out and the stars no longer shine.

Oh Mother Moon,
I walk steadily into the night, what fate will be mine?

Oh Mother moon,
A person follows me home, waiting for the right moment.

Oh Mother Moon,
He stalks me along the streets. I can feel he is potent.

Oh Mother Moon,
I trip and stumble, and fall upon the grass.

Oh Mother Moon,
I look up and see a face. Will this breath be my last?

Oh Mother Moon,
Protect me; guard me, all through the night.

Oh Mother Moon,
Until once again, see dawn’s eternal light.

The author's comments:
I dedicate this piece to the Daughters of the Moon series and to the Greek goddess Selene.

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