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White Flag

December 27, 2010
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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I do not want to think about it,
I do not want to doubt.
I don’t want people to know that I
don't have it figured out.
At the start it seemed to be
so perfect and so new.
But now, I guess you’re looking at
what a few months can do.
Don’t get me wrong, I still care
more than I think you know.
But honey I’m worried that maybe our love
went as far as it will go.
I cannot bear to think about
life without your touch.
Seeing your arms around someone else,
well, that would be too much.
I hold your hand, and I think to me,
that the world is perfect and so right.
But somehow it seems I lose that feel
when you are out of sight.
I wonder to myself all day long
how much you really care.
Because now whenever I turn to look,
it seems you’re never there.
Just hold me in your arms, I know
that when I look in your eyes,
they’ll take me to your heart where I
know you’ll never lie.
So honey, won’t you turn to me
and kiss my lips once more?
Flash me that amazing smile
on the face that I adore.
I never want to leave you dear,
I know that with all my soul.
So hold me close, where I need to be,
and I’ll surrender all control.

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