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The Way You Do Everything Right

February 6, 2011
By possiblylindsey GOLD, Keller, Texas
possiblylindsey GOLD, Keller, Texas
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The band t shirts that cling to your arms
And show off those muscles from playing guitar;
The way you run up behind me, laughing, and cover my eyes,
And expect me not to know who you are.
The hugs you smother me with each day
When I enter the commons in the morning;
The way you burst into a round of headbanging,
With absolutely no hint or warning;
The skinny jeans that, I'm not gunna lie,
Look extremely good on you,
The way you're blunt, and no matter what,
You always tell the truth.
The way your gorgeous baby blues light up
When I run my fingers through your shaggy dark hair;
How when you shake that hair to get it out of your eyes,
It always falls right back, but you don't care.
How sometimes -occasionally- you let me choose the song
To share your earphones as we listen to,
And you'll sing it to me soft and sweet,
And I'll hum it right back, grinning wide-eyed at you.
The way within five minutes of meeting up
In the mornings, you've reached out to me,
To grab my hands and play with my fingers
As nonchalant as only you can be.
The way you don't change your behavior or scoot away
When your friends, or mine, come say hi;
You're not ashamed to show our entwined fingers
To anyone at all who'd walk by.
The way your rough, metal-core music
Gets stuck in my head after days of listening with you;
How eventually, a few of those hardcore songs
End up on my iPod too.
The way you're always grinning that purple-braces smile,
So even if I'm having a terrible day,
As soon as I see your happy-go-lucky face,
You wrap me up and my worries slip away.
The way we walk together to get outside
You to your bus, me to my mom's car,
And how you'll invariably wrap your arm around my waist
Because it doesn't matter where we are.
The endearing, but I won't lie, strange habit you have
Of starting to kiss my hand, then biting it instead;
Your endless air-guitar, playing for an imaginary crowd,
And of course, the banging of your shaggy dark-haired head;
But more than anything else, I've got to say,
It's the way you're just about everything to me;
The way you creep into my thoughts all day,
The way "with you" is all I want to be.

The author's comments:
just that boy<3

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