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A Dream Away

February 19, 2011
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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If I shut my eyes, it’s perfect
I can twist the darkness
Closing off what I see
To make my own reality
Dropping into a deep sleep
Falling steady now, steadily
I land and open my eyes
The lights are somewhat binding
I’m seeing spots, but they fade
Slowly, I make out your face
I reach out, expecting space
But your red lips I start to trace
And then my heart beats with excitement
It’s been too long since I’ve felt like this
There’s a rush through my body, my soul
I touch your cheek like precious gold
Hesitantly, I pull you close
The sweet embrace I used to know
I allow myself to get comfortable
I slowly yield all self-control
It’s that voice that captures me
Stops time for all eternity
That musical tone that makes me bleed
From subtle insecurity
I’m worried I’m lost in a dream
You just seem too real to be
I admit my fears, you just smile
Release my doubts with impeccable style
They melt away with just one kiss
Just one moment of selfish bliss
I want to keep the world like this
But it’s a moment I’ll reminisce
I’d swallowed them down so many times
Waiting for the perfect night
Now the words come without my force
My voice is only slightly hoarse
I let their ring run it’s course
Refuse to ever feel remorse
As they come, they feel so right
Exactly how I feel inside
As I clung on to you so tight
Time slipped by; it was bright
The buzzing of an unknown sound
Penetrates and shakes the ground
I look around just to see it fade
She beautifully slips away
There’s a place she’ll always stay
Her love is only a dream away

The author's comments:
For a friend.

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