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Miss You

March 23, 2011
By eminemfan25 GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
eminemfan25 GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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The blade touches your wrist,
Your hand moves forward,
You say it's not dangerous,
No matter what we've all heard.
I watch as the blood drips,
Slowly down your arm,
You turn and say to me,
Don't be alarmed.
We go to the kitchen,
To start making lunch,
I start cooking the food,
And you make the punch.
You say your cold,
I go turn on the heat,
As I walk into the kitchen,
Your no longer on your feet.
Your up against the counter,
uncontrollably shaking,
And as much as I don't want to believe it,
I know your not faking.
We rush you to the hospital,
Praying to God you'll be alright,
Hoping that you will pull through,
That you will find the will to fight.
Then the doctor comes out,
And talks to mom and dad,
I can tell by his expression,
That the news is bad.
Mom starts to cry,
Dad's completely numb,
I think to myself,
How could you be so dumb.
All of the fun times we had,
Have all been torn apart,
By your freaking stupidity,
And I thought you were smart.
The house is empty now-a-days,
I don't have you anymore,
We can't play sports together,
Or start trouble in the store.
You just had to cut yourself,
And leave me all alone,
Now I won't leave my room,
Or talk to friends on the phone.
I hate you for doing this,
If your watching me you know,
That you tore me to pieces,
And that I miss you bro.

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