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March 27, 2011
By jayyrose GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
jayyrose GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
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Acid tears rain down cheeks
Unrelenting endless creeks
Carve a path into the skin
Crumbling quickly, caving in
So insane how we persist
Bleeding yet we still insist
Unorthodox and beautiful
Strong but secretly fragile
Smiling strong and standing tall
All for one, this one will fall
Holding steady, holding tight
Reminds her of that other night

Butterfly in midnight deep
Can’t fly far and still can’t sleep
Winging on a summer breeze
Lost and lonely in the trees
Forgotten, flowerless and sore
Butterfly can fly no more
Saturated, burdened, drowned
Humming rainfall, world turns round
Lights upon that finger thin
To meet two eyes, both sunken in
Why she cries remains unclear
And butterflies, they cannot hear

Sorrows told and tears all shed
Butterfly, its wings stained red
Girl with heart in pieces still
Harbors dreams she can’t fulfill
Night-sky gazes, hand to chin
Her eyes of crystal sparkling
Little worries, little fears
Apologies to broken ears
By her side, still unaware
The butterfly is resting there
He’ll stay too long, his wings in folds
Show her what tomorrow holds.

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