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Remember Me

March 17, 2011
By iiLove BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
iiLove BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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There's a little truth behind every jk, a little curiosity behind every jw, a little knowledge behind every idk, and a little emotion behind every idc ..

I rest in your pictures
I travel through sound
Whenever I'm hidden
I'm usually found
I'm autographed things
from an actor or band
I'm nights with a boy
girl, woman or man

I fly through your mind
I pierce through your heart
I'm your past mistakes
'till you find a fresh start
When you lose someone close
I'm all you have left
So I'll stick to you
like the skin on your chest

I'm a lingering love
I'm a festering hate
I'm your very first kiss
or your very first date
I am your memory
I'm sour and sweet
People lose a lot of thing
but you won't lose me

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