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Megan's Poem

June 16, 2008
By James Burdick PLATINUM, Fredonia, New York
James Burdick PLATINUM, Fredonia, New York
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She knows my specious life: the entanglements;
The lies; the haunting memories.
Having unwoven them all,
She can see what she means to me:
My life; my trust; my best friend.

I've looked into her eyes and I saw:
The cliche stars in the sky, that are
By day covered up for no one to see.
Her arms wrapped me tight when I was cold
And I burned in the sun.

I live my life knowing I can't have her;
I crawled into a hole in the Earth.
The earth that surrounded me
Pulled us further apart.
Her feet carried her away as I pushed through.

My plague was nowhere around.
I forgot to say I love her;
She will never know, but I still do.
I've forgotten who I am;
She ran away with my heart.
I'm going to forget to care.

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