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Hurricanes and Wax Wings

April 16, 2011
By IThinkIWIllJustFlyAwayNow PLATINUM, Visalia, California
IThinkIWIllJustFlyAwayNow PLATINUM, Visalia, California
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A woman is like a teabag, you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water- Eleanor Roosevelt

I call you Love with the inflection
Of a hollow, empty question

I pull you near, with the fear
You'll veer the other direction

I lay my trust on the table
like a risky poker hand

Knowing if I lose, We disappear,
like footsteps in wet sand

But see, I thought the storms we swallowed
Boomed in matching time

We could hear them- chest-to-chest,
It's almost like they rhymed

But what you didn't tell me, lover
when my tornadoes went and came

That what was living inside of you
Was more kin to a hurricane

And so I clung to a deep-root tree
that was my fear and doubt

While you flung your icy rain on me
And tried to keep me out

No one told me about love; or rather
I did my best not to listen

'Cuz when I eyed my feeble glow,
Other girls, they seemed to glisten

I told myself "It doesn't matter,
that's what tough skin is for"

But along you came, sweet words of praise
I didn't need much more

We raced over the others
Faster than I ever thought we could

And soon I came to realize
We forgot "I will" and "We should"

I looked up at the blazing sun
that was melting my wax wings

You float like a bird, I fell like a stone
Guess you're better at these things

But I heard you shout, as you kept afloat
A new storm is due next year

So I'll lick my wounds and I'll mend my bones..

I'll be ready next time, my dear.

The author's comments:
What can I say? I fell for the same stuff every girl has fallen for since the caveman gave another girl his grilled saber-tooth ribs. But he told me he wanted to try again next year..It's going to be different.

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