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Coming out

June 21, 2008
By xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
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From the darkness,
I stepped out slow,
Still not sure,
Who should know.

Should I tell
My mom and dad,
But what if I lose
The life that I had?

I was cold and scared
And full of fright,
As I search in the dark,
For a light.

Nothing came
To hurt me more,
So I step out
And closed the door.

I told mom first,
Late one night,
And almost cried
Because it's alright.

But to tell my dad,
Was hard to do,
And I needed time,
To think it through.

Mom egged me on,
And hinted some,
And it finally happened,
It had been done.

First he was hurt,
That I had hid.
But he loved me,
Because I'm his kid.

So from then on out,
I was surely me,
No longer worried,
Of what could be.

I told my friends,
And enemies too,
And it felt good
The right thing to do.

At first it hurt me,
In middle school
Because being gay
Was so not cool.

But then I realized,
I don't care,
Let them laugh,
Let them stare.

When High school started,
I took the floor,
And made it clear,
I'd have no more.

I'm a person,
Straight or Gay,
And I won't live,
Anymore this way.

This is my life,
Now get your own,
I said my peace,
And I was known.

Then I started
The GSA,
And we've said it loud,
We're here to stay.

So I lead the club,
And we've done fine
Our Day of Silence,
Was huge this time.

I plan to leave,
A message so fine,
On this world,
That I claim mine.

Gay is good,
Homophobia's bad,
And those who dont agree
Can just be mad.

'Cuz I'm not changing,
Just for them,
For all I care,
They can sit and spin.

This is my life,
And I live without doubt,
Because I took the step,
And I came out!

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