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Stood Up

June 21, 2008
By xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
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I searched for you,
In the mist of the night,
But you sent me afar,
You were out of my sight.

With no way to call,
Not a hand to hold,
I sifted through,
The lies that you told.

I'd been bound to fail,
Tricked from the start,
But unknowingly still,
I gave you my heart.

You played your games,
And tore me in two,
I guess you'd thought,
It wouldn't hurt you.

Think again,
And watch your back,
Because any moment,
I could attack.

You stood me up,
And let me fall,
I left it to you,
To make the last call.

So you've made the choice,
Only yourself to blame,
Now stand like a man,
And take the shame.

We could have been great,
A couple worth praise,
But you had to do it,
Lead me through a maze.

So what in your mind,
Would make it OK,
To build me right up,
Then blow me away?

I hope that's not laughter,
Or a smile on your face,
For in time, I promise,
That wont be the case.

For I am not quick,
To forgive and forget,
You're gonna' pay,
The dues have been set.

Your soft curly hair,
And piercing green eyes,
Won't save you now,
They helped spin the lies.

So here, now, forever,
I will turn my back,
But realize one thing,
I am what you lack.

You gave it all up,
This long, cold, dark night,
But I really don't care,
You're not worth the fight.

I'm done with you,
Forever and more,
You're not worth it,
You deserve what's in store.

So I leave you now,
Without a goodbye,
And hope that you realize,
You...are a lie.

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