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In the Darkness of Night

June 21, 2008
By xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
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Dawn brings light,
And color to your face,
Unlike before,
You were white as lace.

Your head is wet,
Your jeans covered in mud,
The shirt on your chest,
Drenched in blood.

You fought well,
Long through the night,
And I look at you,
In dawns early light.

You're my special guy,
Beyond compare;
I hold you tight,
As I stroke your hair.

You fought for me,
With lightning speed,
And saved my life,
For now I'm freed.

I take your hand,
And think of truth,
While I ease your pain,
And try to soothe.

You deserve a life,
Far from this,
So I quietly disperse
Among the morning mist.

I watch from above,
As you awake to light,
And wish I could hold you,
Every night.

But you've a family,
Kids and a wife,
So I must leave you,
As you lead your life.

But when the moment of truth,
Passes again,
I shall save you,
From that horrible end.

For you are my world,
And I am your light,
But you can only see me,
In the darkness of night.

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