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Into the Light

June 21, 2008
By xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
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You hold my head,
In the Somber light,
And cry for me,
On this cold, dark night.

I’ve left you now,
And you’re all alone,
So softly in your tears,
I hear you moan.

I love you still,
Beyond compare,
You should know this…
I still care.

It’s just my time,
I’ve lived my life,
So lay me down,
For I’m cold as ice.

We’ve lived and loved,
Each moment true,
As long as I could,
I stayed with you.

But I’m needed now,
Far away,
And I must go,
Today’s the day.

So kiss me once,
And hold me tight,
Then let me go…
Into the light.

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