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Just Friends

May 28, 2011
By brttnytvd SILVER, Harmon, Other
brttnytvd SILVER, Harmon, Other
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- Madd Chadd

You’re like a reoccurring dream

Playing in my mind like a movie scene

It’s like I’m unseen in your eyes

Waiting for you to realize

But you will never see me

Just the shadow before you.

Every day, we see each other, I adore you.

Staring at you, looking for a new way to breathe more clearly

We lock eyes, now I can see more clearly

Every day, you’re closer to perfection.

I hold your attention,

& did I mention, your eyes are my reflection

Showing me what I always wanted to be

You are the person I seem to need

I feel as if I’m over run with greed

& you’re the only non-selfish person I can see,

Who can set me free

Save me from all my negativities & doubts

That smile on your face makes me want to shout

This feeling, this overwhelming rush of infatuation

What you mean to me is so much more than approximation

As I look over you with admiration

I get that sudden taste of lamentation

Depression, you will never be mine

I start to notice our hands collide

Moving quickly, to avoid questions

Its seems my minds got the better projection

But the sensation I get from seeing your half smile

The peaceful serenity of your hazily green eyes

You’re everything good

You’re a dare no one would take

You’re a risk, you’re the trill,

You’re kindness is limitless

You’re controlled but yet so damn raw

You’re the peace maker & the trouble bringer

You’re simply a contradiction in itself

But yet, your personality can sell itself

You’re someone everyone wants to be

But you don’t believe it

The exasperation of trying to make you see it, defeated

You’ve won again.

So what? Do you still see me as a friend?

Of course you do… don’t pretend.

I guess this is how it’ll end,

Just friends.

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