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July 19, 2011
By writingrox BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
writingrox BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." (Albus Dumbledore)

Life is a broken road, never straight
Always fraught with dangers looking out to fate
Life is never the same length of time
It’s never written the same from line to line
Slipping on ice, burning in the hot sun
Always running out of breath from the long run
Traveling now from hell and back
You can’t tell me where I’ve been at

I was born here and I always stayed here
This place of Harrisburg has been so dear
Never moved nowhere else, always stayed put
Sometimes I struggled, but still I put one foot
After another, moving forward, never looking back
Even though at times, didn’t have the greenbacks
I’ve been moving up from small to large
Always gaining, never losing, always in charge

I always walked, opening opportunities
Always exploring the many possibilities
Desperation, aspiration, dedication, proclamation
All this and more gives you the inclination
To succeed, to think more, be more
Leave your mark on the world, be the door
The door to hopes, possibility
Go live with all your ability
I’m living my life with open doors
I’m living it good; now go live yours.

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