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October 20, 2011
By Palistus SILVER, Everett, Washington
Palistus SILVER, Everett, Washington
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"Live as if you're going to die tomorrow, learn as if you're going to live forever"(slightly changed, orig. Author unknown)

I carry your heart with me
To wherever I go
But then it shattered
A lack of judgement, a trip, a fall,
A grave mistake in the form of “Goodbye”

And then all was calm, as I still had not a clue
The horrible things I had done to you.
Yearning then returned, I found my lost feeling,
6 months too late for my tastes.
A bitter chill cut through my soul.

Please, come back! Forgive, forget, relive,
Yet it was too late, the chance was lost,
And I’d only ever have 10 months of purity
For you had found another, and were fiercly loyal,
And the heartbreak was turned upon me.

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