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WORDS (To Use And Not To Use)

December 15, 2011
By kemmie SILVER, Lagos, Other
kemmie SILVER, Lagos, Other
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I'm going to be famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Guys;

Please don't call me sexy

Because i'll think "oh no,he wants to sex me"

Please don't say i'm pretty

Because i'll think "dude, that's just flattery"

Don't say of me "she just dey"

Because then i'll think "he thinks i'm plain"

But you can say i'm okay

Because i'll take it as normal say

For Girls;

Please don't say "honey, you look beautiful"

Because i know you're thinking "compared to her, i'll make more guys drool"

And please don't tell me "you're way too cool"

Because i'll think she thinks i'm just a fool

Don't tell me you'll never be my foe

Because i know that for you,its just time to say "mucho gusto"

But when a really cool guy is on the go,

I know you'll be saying "girlfriend adios"

For Everybody;

If you say you like me

I might think you're sincere

And if you say i'm lovely

I'll think you aren't quiet there - i fear

Now if you say you love me

Oh no - i assure you, you have given me a very terrible scare

I'll dissapear into air so thin

Not even my sweetly whispered goodbye will you hear

The author's comments:
people always say things they don't really mean............. always.

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