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Untitled Sestina

February 21, 2012
By Carol BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
Carol BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
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Quake it did, like a tremor in the ground, when moon
sought refuge in the nightly sky. So when it rose,
to life it did bring a seed with its warm tears.
Refusal to die yet too timid to let live
in the harsh time of a forgotten fall
whose memories are in oblivion, so then true it no longer remained to its spirit.

A shiver sent upon so as to chill not only kindly spirit
but send thoughts of revelation to handsome moon
that caused only the white spherical moments to drop. Fall
they did upon the now trampled weed that rose,
or once more attempted to live.
Bitterness escaped as weed tears

away from the sinews of its home. Tears
escaped as rejection ensued, going against the spirit
of its nature. Moment to fight and let live
or perish and be gone from the facing moon.
Frost pellets that diminished weed, and so then rose
in stance to prove the amnesiac fall

had lost its reason. Did I fall
into solitude? As foreignness was all I found as tears
were all that were there to comfort? They rose
forth a warm remembrance of how born my spirit
was with the gazing of lonely moon.
And to laugh that the feeling now be mutual with the decision to let live

with an objective. Miracle it be to be found live
with the frosty, unlike those of that nightly sky, tears
feuding with a frail weed. But then it rose,
the calamity-obliterating temperate spirit.
It brought forth memories, this sister of moon,
as well as warm tears of regret from fall. To live

was only a mere step in the cycle of life. Be live
let me once more attempt to grow, for fall
remembered who it was. And it was now moon
left to wait, for a weed grows only so tall. Tears
no longer rose me as diminished became my spirit
at my inferiority to moon. Doubt once more rose

but vanished with the discovery of rose.
Seed/weed/rose, was let live,
for chrysalis had been shed and my spirit
proved itself to be as forgetful as fall.
Seed lost sight as weed lost hope so their collected tears
brought forth the remembrance of warmhearted moon.

Glistening moon faced the stretched rose
touching only with dropping tears that let it live
in the temperate fall, and so connecting their spirit.

The author's comments:
Took me a while to write, hope you all enjoy :)

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