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Hunted Love

March 16, 2012
By TrishaLove BRONZE, Munnar, Other
TrishaLove BRONZE, Munnar, Other
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Hiding from the one
The one who wants to tear us apart
Why do you listen to her?
Even though she stabbed our hearts

Secrets linger under her skin
Helpless feelings seeping from the bone
Are we locked from within?
She is luring us, though this feels like home

Trapped in your heart
The warmth of your breath on my faith
Then she barges in on the cart
Snatching you away from me, closing the gate

Weaving lies within your soul
Vines those are hard to pluck
I’m banging my fists on an open door
But you don’t seem to hear, she’s got you tugged

I want to incinerate
Cut her out with a blade
She is only keeping you bait
This is a just a masquerade

I have to pull you out of this web
That is all I know
Have to win this cruel bet
My hands are slipping but I won’t let go

I finally break the Iron Gate
Walking through her dark abode
In a place of evil and hate
Every step a bed of thorns

Standing there
Almost illuminant
Defiant her stare
Fragrance; lust is her scent

Fallen angel with wings of rage
‘he is mine’ she resonates in a tone of rust
Not afraid now, I destruct this maze
Silent but ready to get rid of this dust

‘Get ready for the battle’
A thought not to be sold
Not to be tattled
I take your name, keep the pain on hold

No weapons, just wrath of revenge
Smile on her face as if she has already won
Spreading her angelic wings for meaningless vengeance
But love can leave the mighty stunned

A long war only for you
She lies breathless on the ground
Unlock the door, a rush to the new
No whisper, no voice, just you and me safe and sound.

The author's comments:
this is for a person i love against a person i hate !

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