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I need

March 1, 2012
By Acts1338 PLATINUM, Audubon, Iowa
Acts1338 PLATINUM, Audubon, Iowa
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I want him to sing to me
to remind me everyday
why he'd marry me
why he'd always want to stay

I want him to work hard
But have the softest hands
so when he holds mine
I can smile when we dance

I want him to grin
all of the time
because when he looks at me
he'll see the love of his life

I want him to kiss me
with the lips of an angel
so his hugs are kind
not sadly disdainful

I want him to love me
like he's had no one else
since I'm his one and only
Not a dusty diary on a shelf

I want him to be sweet
to every single person
then I can say he's nice
To those with worse than I

But I need him to believe
When I hold him close to say
I need you to love me
Cuz for me, there's no other way

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