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Made in the USA

March 22, 2012
By Ariana Stearns SILVER, Byfield, Massachusetts
Ariana Stearns SILVER, Byfield, Massachusetts
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Allegations cloud the atmosphere
You work to live, you live to work
I've worked hard.

My hair is soaked in peroxide
painted in bleach
The pale gold wash
Of Iowa fields of wheat
Thrushed in perspiration

My eyes are hastily rimmed
in common kohl
Mined from the mountains
In Georgia mornings of old
Appalachian Cleopatra

My skin is heavily powdered
Like the cocaine
That built Los Angeles
With blood and pain
Capitalism in motion

My gaze was once pure blue
Clear Nebraska skies
Now clouded in shadow
Like the smoke Detroit cries
We're leaking pollution

My hips are sturdy and thick
Iron in blood and will
Like industrial frame
Our structures stand still
Artificial ingenuity

My breasts are generous
Like Thanksgiving day
Exaggerated and fattened
By pilgrims' buffet
Gluttony drives commerce

My lips stained ruby
Like Indian blood
Spilled to color our flag
A taboo unheard of
Secrets wave in the wind

Concentration camps and ghettos
Muddle my veins
Revolution lays in wait
As the bile in my gut

My eyes are blue murder
My lips are red violence
My skin is icy white indifference
I am Patriotism

My form is man-made
Chiseled and adorned
By the NY stock exchange
The bible, sugar and porn
I worked hard

Harder than you ever will

I am fake
I am Saint Pamela Lee
Madonna on the rocks
Sweet Marilyn Magdalene
I am proud
I am American

The author's comments:
I was many times accused of being "fake" in high school for my body and general appearance.
I guess I am. And I've got no apologies.

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