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Those Three Words

March 23, 2012
By Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
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I love you
I thought those three words could end it all
I said them even when I didn't fall
You did you fell so hard I tried to catch you
But you hit the ground
Your world was pain and tears all around
Nothing could be the same and you had me to blame
Then you kissed me and I fell
But there was a difference you see 
You caught me
You seemed like heaven but hurt me like hell
Then we grew apart and you dropped me 
Broke my heart 
Threw it on the ground ripped it apart
You felt sweet revenge 
Then with the drop of our tears and a giant hug
We both fell into something we passed as love
Worst came to worst 
And you were selfish put yourself first
You picked yourself up beginning to walk away I looked at you 
Then said three words that were not true
I hate you
I was right three words can change it all

The author's comments:
The pain of complicated relationships.

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