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May 14, 2012
By newelal BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
newelal BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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The oceans are the great connectors,
they span time and troubles,
they make their power known when they need to,
but they also offer a calm, peaceful sanctuary,
their feelings can change with an instant,
only one thing can lash a furry of waves that will affect many,
the ocean needs respect to gain back its control,
the ocean allows for curiosity to continue,
for its actions still remain unknown,
the ocean is also protective and does not let go of its treasures easily,
like the old rust ships on its floor,
its abundant amount of creatures,
and the lost ships trying to navigate its never ending body,
Whatever it be, the ocean foretells its ending,
it lets things be enjoyed when it wants,
when the moment is right it can let people in to enjoy the beauty it keeps secret,
to navigate its body fully and completely,
the ocean is like a rock to calm fears,
the ocean and its contents both old and new,
old standing strong,
new ready to embark on a journey,
the ocean is like a string encompassing the world from past to present,
it allows us to share thoughts and ideas, inevitably bonding with the people who have preceded us,
if not for the oceans I would not be here with the wonder and awe I have.

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