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Our Words Can Change Worlds

October 20, 2012
By musicgirl1998 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
musicgirl1998 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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Our words can change worlds.
Those words that fill their hearts with the strength to continue.
But the world chooses our words.
The worlds with the kids with
gashing scars in their brains and soft purple tattoos on their arms
the words telling them they are worthless.

Those words that tell them they are beautiful.
The worlds with the skeleton girl crying at the face in the mirror.
The kids with caked on makeup to cover their true countenance.

Those words that tell them they're not loved.
The worlds with the naked kids in showers, washing their scars.
The kids who sew blooming purple flowers under red seams,
all sewn together on ivory fabric.
The self-scarred.

Those words that tell them they are alone.
The worlds with the sobbing wracked souls on handmade quilts.
The disabled, the fighters, the bullied, the diseased, the isolated, the believers, the minorities.

Those words that tell them they can never be good enough.
The worlds with the fake teens trying to please and impress others.
The cycle of covering up your true identity.

Those words that tell them to run faster from fear.
The worlds with the kids who have to wake up to pain.
Who must always be on their guard,
hiding from their "loved ones" and "friends".

We are the world.
We have power to change those words.

The words that tell them they're worthless.
Let's change the world's words to telling them the truth:
They're important to somebody out there.

The words that tell them they're the ugly duckling.
Let's change those words to what they need to hear:
they are stunning.

The words that tell them nobody loves them.
Why can't we just tell them they don't need to hurt anymore?
They can feel that existing love from us.

The words that declare war can be changed to freedom and peace.
The words that can break your heart may bring closure.
The words that hold their hands through affection less nights
can become soft gloves always there.

Let's help them realize that they aren't alone.
They are perfect the way they are.
There is no need to be afraid.
We can have solutions for these
lost souls that were never fully lost.

Our words will change worlds.
Worlds of suffering, abuse, fear, confusion, sorrow, depression, hate.
Words of encouragement, comfort, instruction, faith hope, joy, love.
Listen and look, and you will hear our voices.
You are not alone.

The author's comments:
We need to realize that what we say can alter others drastically. For better of for worse.

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