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November 30, 2012
By L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
L7SquariaN GOLD, Madison Heights, Virginia
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Sometimes I want to live a life on Mars
See the Earth as another star
A life out so far
Man, I try so hard
But this gravity, it's like I'm behind bars

I’m trapped on this planet
Barely able to manage
My trip, well I’m about to plan it
Deep space, yeah I’ve scanned it
But this dream, gravity has damned it

I will make it to the Great Beyond
My sun will be permanently dawned
And me and space will correspond
To this world, I feel like such a pawn
Man, if it weren’t for this gravity, I’d be so far gone

One day I will leave here
Travel to the unknown, which I do not fear
I just look up, and man it seems so near
Say, “I’ll be outta here within the year
Look back down, and not even shed one tear”

Yes, I soon plan to depart
My new life of adventure, I'm ready to start
I've gathered all my research and all of the charts
I've even been investing in some space themed art
But this gravity... It just breaks my heart

It isn't as tough as it really seems
I just followed all the designs and all of the schemes
Now all of my effort can be redeemed
As I finally conquer this self-esteem
I'm about to beat gravity, and live out my dreams

The author's comments:
One of my freestyle responses when listening to a song by XV

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