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Macbeth Sonnets

August 11, 2008
By Jackie Katz PLATINUM, New York, New York
Jackie Katz PLATINUM, New York, New York
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My lord Lady Macbeth

My lord will not reach his ambitions now.
His kindness is preventing him from it.
The mission’s act—his spirit won’t allow!
That kind of ruthlessness—he won’t permit!
I’m so afraid my lord will quit his goal.
So shameful that it’s not his nature’s way,
But maybe I can play an active role.
Without a captured goal, he won’t be gay.
Perhaps I can persuade him with my words
To think about his future, nothing more.
In order to rid of the king that stirs,
Ambition must exceed his too-kind core.
I’ll be the brutal man—yes me, not him;
If for my lord, the options are not slim.

Seconds thoughts Macbeth

I feel the king’s too good a man to kill,
A humble man whose honored me with names.
I do not feel I have the right or will,
Besides desire for the crown and fame.
A trusted king of Scotland, Duncan is,
And he believes my loyalty is firm.
No pity would be mine, but only his!
No loyalty in this act I’d confirm!
I do already what a man should do;
Although, my lady pushes me ahead.
But with this type of act, I shant go through.
I’ll tell my love that no blood shall be shed.
Although my goal is to be the new king,
I feel that killing Duncan’s the wrong thing.

I need to lay peace Macbeth

I have been going through unhappy times.
I truly went through hell to be the king.
I can’t believe that bloody act—the crimes—
Was not the end, but here I am, the king!
The fateful witches said that Banquo’s sons
Are future kings, which makes my mouth turn down.
How is it possible to have some fun?
I have a barren wife, a fruitless crown!
I killed the king—a gash in my well being,
And not a son of mine shall see the throne!
I go a path with much of that red thing—
Much murder to make sure that fate has flown.
Let fate come battle with Macbeth the king,
If I win, only fate shall feel the sting.

I must lie Lady Macbeth

I must lie to my lord; I have no choice.
There’s nothing I can do—what’s done is done.
Unfortunately, we cannot rejoice,
But I can’t say the truth, for I’m the one.
I made my lord’s ambition truly real.
I did not know the outcome would be so,
But now I feel that there’s no way to heal
From the act. I feel we’ve sunk so low.
I’d rather be the king that we have killed—
An unsatisfied killer is much worse!
We can’t enjoy our titles—blood is spilled,
But with my lord I won’t complain or curse.
I feel it sad that we have been through hell,
But cannot live like everything is swell.

To guarantee my fate Macbeth

To guarantee my fate I feel that I
Must kill threats to the title I have earned.
So to the Thane of Fife I’ll say goodbye.
To stab men is the answer; I have learned.
To guarantee my fate I feel I must
Make sure I do things at propitious times.
I cannot hesitate, in this I trust.
Macbeth must be as sturdy as steel dimes.
Unlike before, I shant have any sights!
For now I know I have a righteous cause—
To make sure that it’s fate who has less rights.
It is Macbeth who truly makes the laws.
I’ll kill all in Macduff’s castle of Fife—
Make sure it’s them, not me, who loses life.

I cannot even recognize myself Macbeth

I cannot even recognize myself.
My future changed with one regretful deed.
No longer honor I feel in myself—
Politically, it seems I do succeed.
Most men my age seem to be most complete,
With honor, loyalty, and many friends.
Unfortunately, my life’s not so sweet.
It seems I cannot follow such nice trends.
In character, it seems I’ve changed as much.
There was a time where horrors stirred me so,
But now I feel incapable of such.
The state of fright—I cannot ever show.
In one quick act, I took the good away,
But in this new self, I shall have to stay.

The author's comments:
These are sonnets written through the voice of the main characters of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare.

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