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Battle Anthem

September 2, 2008
By James Burdick PLATINUM, Fredonia, New York
James Burdick PLATINUM, Fredonia, New York
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By fire, by ice,
By tong, by anvil,
By the light of her eyes,
By the darkness of the earth:

The struggles I endured
Are painless to our divide.
Under the fire of the sun
I become enslaved

To the rocks that fall quickly,
To the scars that call my name:
The history told by you
Breathes in the mystery of all.

The hills that bore me gave birth
To the rivers that fed you.
They flowed through dale and green,
Through lives and deaths.

For the lies you presented at my feet,
For the tears that I cried for you:
I will embrace the sweet, dark night
And conceal, for my life, the lies within.

The lie you have lived for will
Crumble and kiss my feet.
My shackles have broken
Knowing your sweet caress.

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