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Bleed America

October 5, 2008
By Zolos3 GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
Zolos3 GOLD, Fort Collins, Colorado
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destruction is a form of creation. - Donnie Darko

In a world were your whole being is a generic, copy and paste
Were you super size your body but not your mind
In a world were you build walls in your conscience because of peer pressure
And you flip threw the channels instead of a page
A world you can’t even hear because of the volume of the shallow tongues coming from the wall
In a world were an opinion can be silenced but not suppressed
In a world were the value of life is compared to a bio degradable paper bag soaked in water
A world that is sinking not just physically but emotionally too
A world were you buy happiness with a plastic card

In a world you can never justify

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