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I Stil Remember

January 8, 2014
By BeautylovesBeast SILVER, N. Las Vegas, Nevada
BeautylovesBeast SILVER, N. Las Vegas, Nevada
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Years ago we were two peas in a pod
We were the grandest of friends who ended together
Tied at the hip we were once inseparable
The I screwed up and acted idiotic
A call and another, it seemed to never end
It was on a Sunday and I blamed my cousin
Then a dreadful Monday came I had to avoid your eyes again and again
You called my name and I ran away for dear life
Then it came, a slash to our hips
That was it we became separated
We were not even friends anymore
So you allowed your family to torture and bully me
School, bus, and even on the way home
There was no escape for me
At the beginning I wanted to apologize but it was stuck in my throat
I remember I was alone when it snowed
But you were not you had another on your arm
Like they were your bodyguards you had niece and cousin on either side
But she left you and you left for Cali mid-year
She and I became good friends and she protected me from your family
I asked her why she only smiled and said because we are friends
Then graduation came and to you I was a shadow by then
By now when it is almost time for graduation from high school
I must not even exist anymore

The author's comments:
This is just a memory of mine from middle school

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