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My Secret

October 30, 2008
By Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
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I think i have a secret
I want to tell you now
But i have to first find out
What its all about
I dont know what it deals with
Life, love, money, fame
I cant keep it from you
So help me find it out
I might have a secret
It might be about us
Or our future, or our past
Or maybe even trust
Maybe its a question
That i could never ask
Maybe its an admission
From the distant past
But my hidden secret
I dont know if its you
It could be about our babies
That have yet to grow
I hold my secret closely
No one else can know
I haven't told you yet
I'm not sure what it is
Will you keep my secret
When i discover its words
Or will you hate my secret
And run from it like before
I'm afraid of my secret
Because i forgot its truths
I forgot my secret purposely
Just to protect you.

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