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January 14, 2014
By Chubby_Hearts PLATINUM, Beaverton, Oregon
Chubby_Hearts PLATINUM, Beaverton, Oregon
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“Each and every one of us has a fire that burns inside us. They can try like hell to put it out, but as long as we know in our minds who we are meant to be, they will never stand a chance.”
― Andy Biersack

You see that girl, the one always wearing heavy coats, baggy clothes. You wonder whats wrong with her, why she never looks up, never talks to anybody. Wondering if she as anyone, you try to talk to her. As you look into her eyes, all you see is sadness, as she turns away you see a tear run down er face.

She sees you, wondering why you look at her that way. Wonders how you dress so nicely. She wants to know how you can be so happy, how you can trust people. She notices you coming close, begins to freak out. Wonders what you want. Do you know her hidden secret, what she keeps under her long sleeves, heavy pants. She turns away as she feels her tears begin to fall.

He stood aside, watching. He knows her secret. He has seem her in gym class once. barely hidden beneath her shorts, deep, piercing red welts, bandages upon her wrists. He sees her differently, beautiful. He watched as you tried to talk, her turn away, tears rolling down her face. He's hurt by her tears, knowing why they're there. And he sits there, wishing there was something, anything, he can do to save his beloved.

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