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This Isn't Love

January 14, 2014
By Chubby_Hearts PLATINUM, Beaverton, Oregon
Chubby_Hearts PLATINUM, Beaverton, Oregon
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“Each and every one of us has a fire that burns inside us. They can try like hell to put it out, but as long as we know in our minds who we are meant to be, they will never stand a chance.”
― Andy Biersack

I loved you, thought you loved me. Can't you understand my pain? You've been hurt by others. But you hurt me. Me, who has done nothing wrong, loved you so much. You told me you would make everything better. Oh, was i naive back then. I didn't care about our past, the pain you've inflicted upon me. All I cared about was that you loved me. But that wasn't love. That was abuse. You took me back, but not because you wanted me, no, you didn't want me. You just wanted my body. I knew I shouldn't trust you, should have never walked with you that night. But I did. You took me then, never giving me the chance to know what was happening. You heard my screams, covered my mouth, suffocating me. I could barely breathe, barely move under the weight of your body. The searing pain, seconds, becoming minutes. I thought I would be gone soon, but suddenly, it's done. I can breathe, the pain is gone, it's all done. But it's not. Now I can feel the life, another beings life blood, flowing inside of me. I rub my wrists, gently, remembering that night, wondering why you took me.

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