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The Swinging Door

November 6, 2008
By Inizhay BRONZE, Chickasha, Oklahoma
Inizhay BRONZE, Chickasha, Oklahoma
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Why do I let things go
Take their own course
Just let it move slow
Try not to make waves
And let us take our time
Then you do or you say
Something, nothing, everything
That makes me look again
At what we are and what we've been
That makes me want to hold you
And maybe fall in love with you
Then just when I'm ready
For it to all matter and make sense
That's when you turn away
Once again
That's when I'm left confused
So full of self-doubt
The only time I'm sure. . .
Well that's never so what's the point?
This can't go on forever
I want to let you in
The only problem is
I need a door that swings both ways

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