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November 27, 2008
By Vampire99 SILVER, Grand Ronde, Oregon
Vampire99 SILVER, Grand Ronde, Oregon
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Some people say, "you only have one body, take care of it." Well today, my friend Pierre told me, "you only have one heart, you can't share it with everyone." And I believe that he's wrong...but true at the same time. If you love everyone, all your friends, you'll never have enough love to share with your soul mate. By worrying about loving your friends to the point they get angry with you. My heart has been bruised, cracked, and crushed. By the same people that I love to this day...Why do I keep loving them? I guess anyone would say because she's your mom....She's your family, part of your being. Other people say, "everyone needs a second chance," I completely agree, even cheaters need a second chance. But she's had to many chances...Someone you live with deserves lots more chances then a gf or bf, espically parents....But to the point where the chances are becoming broken bones and brusie not only on the heart but outside the mind. Her chances are up...go bye mother for all time, no more beatings, no more second chances. Hello to the sweet smell of death!

The author's comments:
The breaking of the bones, is not really by the way.

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