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Ashes of the Earth

December 3, 2008
By Hallieinthewings GOLD, Bartlett, Illinois
Hallieinthewings GOLD, Bartlett, Illinois
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And every word you spoke, was spoken through a veil.
I wondered why my ears refused to let you in, why my eyes glazed over as I dug deep inside me for the strength to look, but against my best attempts, I turned to ashes of the Earth. Nothing. Nothing but what was natural to be there, the most over looked thing. The known, the predictable, the comfortable reassurance. But there was something in that slight position I held myself, as if daring normal to consume me. Challenging it to disprove me and somehow convince me I was just a nobody packed with a bunch of others destined for nothing. I wouldn't let myself fade like smoke and disappear into the nights wind. Even if I was Earth, the soil beneath a pioneers foot. I was something. I existed in one form or another and that was everlasting. Once there, once presented to existence, to light, to life. There was no turning back. You belonged. Somewhere in the mass of endless universe someone wanted you. Someone envisioned a land where you existed body, soul, and mind. Like a seed in the soil. Natural. Beautiful. You were consumed by life and from there on out etched into your mind was that fact. You were life and no matter how past nor future collided you forever would be.

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