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I fly

July 30, 2014
By EttieGH GOLD, Mbabane, Other
EttieGH GOLD, Mbabane, Other
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Unable to fly,
I'm a cripple.
Stuck on the ground.
Like a cannonball
in the sea, Anchored.
Fed by creatures every day,
It must be for winter.
So I eat, Want more.
Almost companions,
Barely accepted.
I must leave,
Must go,
I must go.
Flap! My wings go.
I can fly! They see.
I'm carried outside,
and bowled, yes,
bowled into the sky,
My dreams.

Falling. Was I wrong?
No! I'll flap, i'll fly.
So I rise. One with
the sky. My dreams.
I fly!

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