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December 30, 2008
By PK4evr ELITE, Allen, Texas
PK4evr ELITE, Allen, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then watch everyone wonder how you did it!

a dim light
hands clamped over your eyes
steered against your will
bumped into the wall
you hear your friend apologize
and then voices
you hear shuffling
you feel the steps as you walk up them
tripping over your feet slightly
you're not sure what's going on
you feel stupid and insignificantly small
the hand holding you stops
you freeze in your tracks
abruptly, you can see again
your eyes widen in shock
you feel a smile slide in place
you thought that they forgot
but everyone is here
you're not sure whether to laugh or cry
and everyone screams,

The author's comments:
This has been purposely written in the second person to show style. It is also supposed to be the friend that is guiding the birthday girl that is saying this. This never really happened, but it would be pretty cool if it did.

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