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January 10, 2009
By Amanda Mullaney, Franklin, MA

Maybe its just an idea
Something to dream about
A thought that doesn’t exist

Maybe it’s just a way for pain to make it to our hearts
To cut off all clear thinking
And make us the ones who can not stop

Maybe its just fait
That some of us perchance can claim
And yet some of us believe
In some kind of painless belief

Yet maybe it’s just a thought
A twinkle in the girl’s eye
Maybe it’s not real
Maybe it’s just a lie

maybe we can’t have it
Its too pure enough for this race
Maybe its just an excuse
To allow us to compensate

Maybe I am right
Or maybe I am wrong
Maybe I’m the broken hearted one
Whose heart won’t carry on
Maybe I’m the one who is hurt
Who can not here the song
Or maybe there’s no love for me
Or maybe
Just maybe
Im the girl too heart broken
To here what’s calling to me

Maybe ill find love
Or maybe my pen will decree to you
That I wont
Maybe a love song is all ill listen to
Yes maybe that will do
Or maybe I surely will never truly here

Maybe love is hiding
Because I’ve done so wrong
Or maybe instead of writing
I should be the one
To go listen
Listen for my song

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