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Patiently Waiting...

January 12, 2009
By Steve Heim, Goshen, IN

I've been patiently waiting for three months,
for the first time, I was in love,
I heard your voice on New Years Eve,
but not once was it directed towards me.
I wrote you that letter, and you said we should've never broke up.
Passing by in the hallways, I wonder if it was a joke
I see you, and my heart skips a beat,
but you just look away from me.
Despite all of this, I've been patiently waiting,
these past three months I've been thinking, saying
that you are the one for me.
I saw you at lunch today,
you ignored me again.
For one moment, staring into each others eyes,
you started to smile,
waiting for you to say hi.
But you never did
instead, I was swept away with my friends,
with that image stuck in my head.
So here I sit, patiently waiting for you.
Just a smile or wave is all I want from you,
Maybe even to do the things we used to do,
walk to the alley with God knows who,
and chill, just like we used to do.
But I just don't see any of that happening soon.
Three months
is long enough.
I've been patiently waiting for you to say something,
But that hasn't happened yet, so,
until it does,
you are so beautiful,
and with all of my heart I will always love you
until that day when you will let me speak to you,
I am over you.
Because I have been patiently waiting these last three months
and that has been way too much
and I cannot continue to sit here, patiently waiting.
I'm not sure if you've kept on dating
because you said you never wanted to talk to me
so I'm done patiently waiting
I am over you,
but I love you,
so, if you ever want to talk again,
I'll be here until the end.
I am finished patiently waiting.
For the rest of my life
I will remember you
as the love of my life.
So here I sit, no longer patiently waiting
but impatiently awaiting another love to make up for what I lost in you,
knowing that I will never be able to replace you,
My love will continue to grow for you,
but, no longer will I patiently wait for you

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