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I always encourage

August 31, 2015
By SkylarSilvera BRONZE, Woodacre, California
SkylarSilvera BRONZE, Woodacre, California
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I always encourage the incredibly blunt business meetings or coffee dates.
Where you can’t always afford to make up excuses for someone else’s inadequacy,
Or even your own

I always encourage the raised hand brave enough to ask the most obvious question.
Because we live our lives not knowing the obvious.
Not knowing the common sense.
Creating differences and invisible borders, separating ourselves and calling each other better than our neighbors.

I always encourage the open books
We can only inspire each other by our accomplishments through the pain.
We read the Holocaust narratives.
We read the American slavery novels.
We even read the fiction just to stir our pulses.

I always encourage you to care too much about the right things.
Because you no longer have time for the meaningless friendships, social obligations and forced conversations.
If we all don’t vibrate on the same frequency, than there simply, is just not enough time.

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