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Shooting for the Start

February 4, 2009
By Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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Even the moon can't bear the weight of the world
all in all, he'd eventually fall
in silence
while the sun laughs in her golden palace
Every morning she wakes up
hearing good morning buttercup
and he cries
for the moon is nothing in her eyes
But he keeps on spinning
towards the unknown
but he keeps on loving
to this girl who already knows
Ever wonder why the wolves howl at night?
to serenade the moon out of the dark, cold fright
that he holds
he's stitched from head to toe
Though that girl the sun is never told
she wants someone of her own to hold
a shooting star
but they're just way too far
But she keeps on looking
for her one and only
yet she keeps on beating
on this little lonely
Maybe someday the moon will see
that his girl isn't all she's cracked up to be
just because she's made of gold
doesn't mean her heart isn't cold
Yet this boy, the moon
he's made his mind
he's found his girl
but love has made him blind
The goddess who never found love
the moon he says 'oh beautiful, you are my dove'
but she doesn't care
For he has nothing to share
The moon retreats in misery
his heart broken for eternity
he hides
In hope someday, she'll look inside

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