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Souther California's Fall

February 4, 2009
By TiffanyViggiano SILVER, Riverside, California
TiffanyViggiano SILVER, Riverside, California
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The heat's clasp subsides
The alluring mistress calls
Colorful leaves glide
In the end even Southern California falls

It falls to the temptation that is fall its self
A rebellious breeze begins to blow
Disobeying mother nature herself
Denying its former lovers glow

Faithful California turns cold
It breaks and commits adultery
Cheating on the old
Its children must suffer from its treachery

Waves break against the rocks
Sun sets on a narrowed horizons past
Birds travel in black flocks
The flurry of young love can't last

We trade our freedom for sugary treats
Leaves begin to color and fall
slowly, drifting down the crowded streets
The end of summer for us all

Full of glowing jacks and ghost of the fallen
Swiftly the end has attacked
The wind whispers a calling
There is no way to go back

Summer gone with the green of the leaves
Summer love must have a fall
The fall of southern California is,
There must undoubtedly be a fall

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