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Be Confident

December 2, 2015
By kiunan BRONZE, Houston, Ohio
kiunan BRONZE, Houston, Ohio
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Blush won’t make them like you,
Nor will better hair.
You need to love yourself,
Stop trying to compare.
You’re not a magazine,
Or a full length spread.
You’re a beautiful girl with feelings,
A heart, soul and head.
The snickers in the background
Won’t matter in a few years.
So don’t be overrun
By irrational fears.
Your true friends are behind you,
Though they seem few today.
People are really listening
To what you have to say.
So hold your head up high,
And don’t have a regret.
Because everything you fret over,
Is the first thing they forget.

The author's comments:

I had to write about a peice of advice that someone would have told me. I sat at my computer for what seems like an eterniy, until I realized what it felt like to consistantly want to be accepted and fit in. I wrote and wrote how i felt and really though about something everyone needs to hear at some point in there life. I just wish someone would have told me.

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