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Here Me.

February 6, 2009
By JessicaBuck GOLD, Fullerton, California
JessicaBuck GOLD, Fullerton, California
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you're not smart, you're not dumb.
you're not pretty, you're not ugly.
you're not good, you're not bad.
you're not skinny, you're not fat.
you're not nice, you're not mean.
you're not rude, you're not polite.
you're not white, you're not black.
you're not funny, you're not lame.
you're not loved, you're not hated.
you're not tall, you're not short.
you're not special, you're not useless.
you're not brave, you're not afraid.
you're not grown, you're not young.

you're not, you're not, you're not.
aren't you sick of being in between it all.
i am.

i want to be great.
i want to be amazing.
i want to be smart.
i want to be proud.
i want to be loved.
i want to believe.
i want to know.
i want to be there.
i want to be yours.
i want to be everywhere.
i want to be alive.
i want to be pretty.
i want to be brave.
i want to be the one.

i want to be, i want to be, i want to be.
don't you want to be.
i do.

i just want to be the one you love, are proud of, know, trust, care for, believe in, think about, be there for.

don't you know that.

i want to find him, i want to know i will be loved. to wake up and smile, because i know someone cares.

don't you know i wanted you to be that one.

look ahead, tell me what is there for me. i need to know i'll be happy, and secure. i need to know things will work out.

don't you know that's all i need to hear.

tell me i'll live a great life, i will live to be a hundred. i will have 5 kids who will be great. i will have a loving husband. i will love him back. i will have everything i want, and wanted.

somebody out there please tell me.
i am dying.
dying to hear it.

someone here me.

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